Thinking like a Surrealist

Surrealism is one art form that fascinates me.  While the whimsical creatures, swooping lines and fantastical scenes captivate my eyes; it’s the illogical concepts that truly capture my interest. For those who are unfamiliar with surrealism, it is a movement that began in the 1920s with a goal to “resolve the previously contradictory conditions of dream and reality.” Artists who participated in this cultural movement sought to bridge the gap between their subconscious and the tangible world, and create work that would allow the deepest realms of the imagination to express itself.  For me, it is this intangible dream-like quality of surrealist works that makes it so appealing.

This particular painting by Vladimir Kush, a brilliant surrealist, really serves as an example of the incredible capacity of the human imagination.  It also reminds recreational artists such as myself that ideas are flexible and vast. When searching for a creative spark we don’t need stay in the symmetrical confines of what is normal or practical. For surrealists, it was the juxtaposition of abnormal concepts and impractical fantasies that made these artists so successful.  At every stage in the idea process, we need to take a giant leap back, and make sure we are stretching our brains to their capacity- reaching outside of our comfort zones. Revolutionary ideas are not born from thinking inside of the box. Maybe we should take a lesson from masters like Salvador Dali and Valdimir Kush, and start thinking like a surrealist


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