Make the World your Canvas


Behold a new and innovative form of art work created by Alexa Meade, an artist who seems to have a knack for turning the real world into a 2-D painting. What appears to be an oil painting to the naked eye, is actually a 3-D model painted to look like a 2 dimensional surface. That’s right, she paints portraits of people on the actual people- the ultimate optical allusion.

human paintings Alexa Meade_BonjourLife_com1art,inspiration,painting,photography-3e55c63719e4834234cce437f9c141f2_h

Perhaps the most captivating part about this artwork is that its core foundations are regular people and simple, everyday objects. The world is literally this artist’s canvas as she transforms the concrete into the abstract. And though the artwork is designed to transform the 3 dimensional into the 2 dimensional, the pieces seem to have a life of their own- as the vivid colors, deep shadows and over-exaggerated highlights come together into a way that mimics motion.



This new form of art undoubtedly proves things are not always as they seem- and the platform for creativity is much broader than we realize.  I think Shakespeare put it best when he said “Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.” In other words, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and be a little crazy.  As long as there is a method to your madness, you are on the right track. This artist realized she didn’t need to use typical tools to create beautiful artwork, her canvas became the people and world around her.


For more on Alexa Mead visit these sites:


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