The Future


Where will the world be in 100 years?  It would be nice to finally get those flying cars and hover boards, and maybe they’ll even find that cure for old age.  But beyond the obvious  scientific advances and innovative masterpieces that are bound to take place, how will we change as a society? How will our ideas change? How will our values and perceptions of the world be altered?  Will we lose sight of the good fight, or will we grow and take on the world’s problems as an entire race? These are the questions I ask myself because I feel they are the important ones, the ones that need to be considered and the ones that need to be answered. Because by imagining the future, we get a glimpse of the path we’re heading down. The future can be a difficult thing to imagine because it is so boundless, so vast in its implications. Authors like George Orwell and Ray Bradbury saw the future as a dystopian nightmare, a place where people were censored into ignorance and individuality was punishable by death.  While these futures envisioned in “1984” and “Fahrenheit  451” are extreme, they remind us to be aware of what makes us human.


                When we think about human nature many are quick to point a finger at corruption and greed and the countless violent atrocities that have taken place throughout human history.  Without a doubt it is crucial for us to be aware of these horrors so we can be wary of our own capacity for destruction, our own capacity for evil. But the other less examined side of the coin is the bright side of human nature, our ability to show compassion and our ability to love. To be able to care deeply for someone other than yourself, to be selfless even if it is for something small, is truly what unites us and makes us powerful.  When we decide that everyone’s access to clean water is more important than that extra helping of food, or that a healthy Earth means so much more than a fuel guzzling vehicle then we are heading somewhere. Compassion is the one thing that can save us as we venture into the tricky years ahead.




                How will the children a hundred years from now be different from the children today? If we play our cards right, they will be living in a better world.  They will be happier , healthier, stronger and more compassionate leaders than we could ever be, they will look to the future with hope rather than despair. But the future starts with us, the future starts now. If we are ever to envision this for future generations we need to utilize the compassion that links every one of us together, and tackle the problems that threaten our world and our fate.

 If you have a few minutes, you should really take the time to watch the video link I posted above. I think the video is a really powerful wake-up call for us to get up and do something about climate change. It’s an advertisement for a new series on SHOWTIME called “Living Dangerously” , but it also really helps to illustrate my point that we are all responsible for these huge problems that are affecting us today, and the only time to fix them is now.    



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