Bringing Art to the Street

The best kind of art, by far, is the kind that makes you think.  Meet Plastic Jesus, a street artist who is doing just that by humorously shedding light on some of society’s most painful flaws through his unique and bold brand of satirical art.  His pieces have been appearing all over the world in an attempt to reveal the darker parts of society and hopefully incite positive change.  What could be more eye catching that a huge rolled up twenty dollar bill, a pile of cocaine and an American “Excess” card?  This installation cleverly satirizes American Express credit cards, condemning a wasteful , self indulgent and apparently addictive western society.


Then we have an altered “STOP” sign on a normal street telling us to “STOP MAKING STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS. ” I couldn’t agree more, Plastic Jesus.  Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian are among many less than bright individuals who would fall in that category.


My personal favorite is not a piece of street art at all, but rather a sneaky installation in a Best Buy store. It consists of a plastic black box with a descriptive tag informing everyone just how expensive and useless it is. If that isn’t the best way to satirize advertisements, I don’t know what is.  Even the employees have a good laugh about the “Useless Plastic Box”




What is most impressive about Plastic Jesus among his sneaky installations and public statements, is his ability to manipulate the world around him and make it into something meaningful. His statements are bold and fearless, because they challenge us to challenge ourselves. 

If you want to take a look at more of this artists work check out his official site at :





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