Finding the Silver Linings is simply about looking at life a little differently and discovering wonderful things where you would least expect to find them. I firmly believe life is an  adventure, and we should focus more on the ride rather than the end result.  The title for my blog is stolen from the saying “Every cloud has a silver lining”, but it also reflects this same perspective on life.   In the quest for our silver linings, maybe we will also discover something new about ourselves- grow, learn and expand our knowledge. Rather than always going through the motions, we can step outside of our comfort zones and get a closer look at the world.

That being said , the majority of the content on this blog will consist of the author’s musings on subjects like education, art, culture and literature. While the focus is broad, I hope the meat of the posts will help readers get new insight on different ideas , and challenge them to question themselves.

All feed back is welcome,  and I encourage all bloggers, Internet users and people who are alive to join a conversation. Whether it be verbal or written, communicate and learn from the people around you.  Share your words with the world, you are the only person who can.

Sincerely yours, Amber B, Author


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