A Little Bit About Inspiration

What inspires you?  This is an age-old question that you might expect on a college application, but while it’s cliché, it’s also powerful.  In a nut shell, inspiration is joy. Inspiration is what gives life energy and purpose.  Many times, when we’re stuck in our daily routines, in the never-ending to-do lists and obligations, we forget to stop and experience the simple joys in life. We forget to be inspired.

I wanted to take a moment and reflect on what inspires me ( the big and the small ) because this year especially, I’ve been trapped between growing walls of stress and work. Many times,  I failed to look at the sky and notice how blue it was.  I forgot to play the piano, to feel the weight of the keys underneath my hands as music came from the wooden base.  For a moment I forgot to enjoy life. So here is a brief look at what inspires me, and who knows, maybe it will inspire you too.

Reading inspires me. I love to read, because the characters in the books usually lead much more exciting lives than I do. I could spend an entire day reading a novel and it would be a day well spent.  The characters and their stories make me want to be reckless, take risks or fight for a lost cause. I want to be just as interesting or spectacular as the people I read about.


Art inspires me. I have a passion for the arts, in all their forms. Whether its music, or a painting or a musical production- I love when people create beautiful things.  My favorite song on the radio can make my day 10 times better, and just looking at a beautiful painting challenges me to paint something else beautiful.


Nature inspires me. I love the changing seasons, and the smell of pine trees. I love the ocean breeze and the crashing waves. I wish I watched the sunrise more often.  Nature’s fleeting but breathtaking beauty never fails to amaze me.


And of course, there are people. Kid’s laughing, old people smiling, great conversations, best friends, and good stories- these individuals are what make life so beautiful.


But this is just a small handful of the things that inspire me. From wonderful novels, to best friends there are so many things in the world that make you pause for a moment and appreciate the beauty that is life.  What inspires you? If you aren’t sure, go and find out: write it down in a journal, or keep it safely stowed in your brain files. Either way, remember to pause once in a while and discover how life can inspire you.



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